Make a Gift

Your Owen County Community Foundation provides the means for donors to make one gift that will help in many areas of Owen County. Funds named in honor of a family or loved one can be created in a matter or minutes
Power of Community

Owen County Community Foundation creates a place for people of a common mind to come together. Your $5, $10, or $100 gift when combined with others will have a significant impact in Owen County
Permanence and Security
A gift given to the community through the Community Foundation is given in perpetuity. When you establish your permanent fund at the Foundation, you can be assured the Foundation will be true to your charitable objective for generations to come.
Tax Benefits
As a public charity, your Community Foundation offers the highest level of tax benefits; higher than a gift to a private foundation. Our funds also avoid many restrictions placed on private foundations, resulting in more resources available to address the community needs.
Professional Management & Accountability

All assets in the Community Foundation are professionally managed and monitored by the Finance Committee according to investment policies established by the Board of Directors. As prudent steward of your fund, the Foundation maintains public accountability through filing of tax returns and public disclosure of grant activity.
Create an Atmosphere of Giving
Your gift to your Community Foundation helps to keep the spirit of giving alive in Owen County. One gift encourages another. Your gift to the Foundation results in a gift in the form of a grant to someone in the community who needs help. Those who receive the gifts will pass along gifts of their own. Your gift is good and it does good forever

Help from Other Donors
When you make a gift to the Community Foundation, you are able to take advantage of the help that other members of the community are willing to offer through their work as a volunteer on the Grants & Scholarship Committees. Foundation staff and volunteers who work on the committee spend time researching the needs of Owen County and getting to know the organizations that apply for grants so that you can be sure grants are made to responsible people that are doing the most to impact Owen County.