Owen County Community Organizations Active in Disaster

A Committee of the Owen County Community Foundation

The Owen County COAD was established after the flood in Owen County of June 2008. The Owen County-COAD was formed to assist the community with disaster recovery by organizing and deploying resources in an effective and timely manner in response to unmet needs during the recovery phase following a disaster. 
There are many kinds of disasters, each having different magnitudes and differing impacts on the lives of survivors. When they happen, neighbors and community organizations want to reach out and help, but it is not always easy. Too often people in need of help don't know where to find it, or those with extra resources don't know where to send them. Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) can help a community make the best use of its resources in a disaster. COADS are effective because local organizations are in the best position to mobilize and bring practical and timely assistance to disaster victims. By organizing all resources and help requests through the same organization, resources can more effectively be matched with needs.
How You Can Help:
One of our roles is to help coordinate local relief efforts as our affected citizens transition from short-term recovery (the first phase of disaster) to long-term recovery (when local organizations step to the forefront). The Owen County-COAD is currently seeking volunteers in various areas:
  • Committee Representatives are needed to serve on our local COAD committee. Representatives meet approximately once a month, to help structure the framework of the Owen County-COAD's response to an emergency.
  • Site locations serve as areas which can coordinate various tasks during an emergency. Perhaps your organization can be a site location through which volunteers are enlisted or where supplies are stored.
  • Point People are those individuals who would organize the activities at each site location. Te point person in charge of each location, in the event  of a disaster, would go to that location and get it set up to receive volunteers working at that particular location and would communicate with the county's volunteer director to ensure all needs are being met.
  • Organization Contacts can help spread the word in the event of an emergency. Someone within your organization could be a contact person to alert the rest of your organization when volunteer workers or materials are needed in response to a disaster.
  • Individual Volunteers can report to their area's site location during a disaster to offer their assistance and/or resources the can donate to help with recovery efforts
If you or your organization would be interested in helping in any of these areas or if you have any questions, please contact the Owen County COAD at OC-COAD@owencountycf.org