Why Endowments Work

Why Endowments Work


John and Mary Doe have been giving to their Owen County Community Foundation for years. Oh! You don’t know John Doe and his wife Mary? They’ve been around Owen County for years. In fact, we've been able to get to know them well and look forward to their annual generosity.  We've become true partners in this great enterprise. Consequently, when they are gone, the absence of their giving will be felt.


John and Mary know this and are doing something to make sure their giving never runs dry.  They are taking steps, through their will, to create the John and Mary Lewis Endowment Fund.  A portion of their estate will be set aside for a special fund that will generate annual gifts to OCCF to continue the giving they are doing now.


Endowments work well for people like John and Mary . . . and here are three reasons why:


Endowments are Perpetual


Like an artesian well, endowment funds keep giving and giving and giving.  They allow people like John and Mary to "lock in" their giving.  Buildings may crumble and people will come and go, but endowments last.


Each year, in the future, family members such as children and grandchildren will be reminded of John and Mary's involvement with OCCF and the value of making regular gifts to support worthy causes.  What a wonderful legacy to leave behind!


Endowments are Protected


Endowment funds at your OCCF are set aside and kept separate from operating and capital fund accounts.  John and Mary have the assurance that their endowment fund will be secure.  The written agreement will be on file and the terms will be carefully followed.


Endowments are Personal


While it is possible, and sometimes desirable, to create an unnamed, unrestricted endowment fund, many people want their fund to bear a person's name.  And they want to tailor the purpose of their endowment to benefit a specific area of interest.  They appreciate the flexibility and the opportunity to personalize their "artesian well." We can set up a fund to support any Owen County non-profit organization or even several. You could set up a fund to support your church, a local food pantry, and the 4-H Fishing Team with annual gifts forever. The recipients of your generous gift are for you to decide.


Your Owen County Community Foundation has developed sound policies for creating and managing endowment funds.  This information is available upon request.  We can show you a variety of ways you can use the tools of gift planning to make an endowment dream come true -- whether now through a current gift, or later through your estate plan.


Your Community Foundation is committed to help our communities become better places to live, grow, work. We value community involvement and charitable spirit. If your Community Foundation can help you with plans for your endowment fund, stop by and see us at 60 E Market Street in Spencer, email me at mark@owencountycf.org, visit us online at www.owencountycf.org, or give us a call at 829-1725.


If you see John Doe, tell him I said, “Hey.”


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