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Here are some important forms with easy access.



Acceptance Form

Click on the acceptance form (Red Letters) to claim your scholarship for the 2018/19 calendar year.  The form requires proof of enrollment and must be completed and in office no later than August 15th.  
No late forms are accepted, August 16th your scholarship will be turned over to the alternate that was chosen



Grants Application 

Click on the Grants Application (Red Letters) to download the current application.  

Submission dates for 2018 are:  Feb 21st, April 19th, July 19 and , Oct 18th. 

Click on the Grants Report below to get an eform to submit.

Grants Report


Bloomington BBOR Donor Advised Grant-  Deadline has past for 2108. Watch for info next July/August.

Teacher Mini-grants

Teacher Mini-grants

Mini Grant application

Click on the Teacher Mini-grant Application (Red Letters) to download the current application.  

Teachers can apply for one mini-grant per calendar year.  Teachers can also combine grants with other teachers to get one big project complete.

These grants are through the Owen County Education Fund, created and funded by teachers for teachers.