2013 Grant to provide training to Owen Valley Volunteer Fire Department

2013 Grant to provide training to Owen Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Community Grants Program

The Owen County Community Foundation's commitment to continue offering grants has been updated and strengthened.  Our community grant program will primarily focus on supporting new charitable programs to serve Owen County residents and projects requiring durable equipment and capital items that will not be replaced every year, but which are essential for organizations to carry out their charitable purposes.

We are interested in community grant proposals for charitable in any part of Owen County.  OCCF also has funds restricted for community grants involving:

  • Community fire, medical and emergency services;

  • Geographic areas:

    • a) Cataract/Jennings Township;

    • b) Coal City/Jefferson Township;

    • c) Freedom/Franklin Township

    • d) the town of Gosport;

  • Spencer-Owen Community Schools teachers to enhance their student's classroom experiences.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are proposing to launch a new charitable program, initial operating costs might be funded by a grant from the OCCF.  Please call us to discuss your needs before requesting OCCF funds for new operating costs, such as program staff, program supplies and equipment, promotion of the new program, training, etc.

Community grant amounts will be awarded from $500 to $2,500 each (except that Teacher Mini-grants will be from $50 to $250 each).  The OCCF does not intend to be the sole funder of any community program or project. We expect grant applicants to provide part of their total grant budget and, where possible, to involve volunteers to help implement the grant program or project.            

There are no due dates or deadlines for requesting OCCF community grants.  Applications may be submitted anytime during the year.  A one-page Community Grant Application form may be picked at the OCCF office or requested by calling 812-829-1725.  An link to the electronic template for the Grant Application  is below.

Save the template to your computer and then type in your information, save the file and email it to maria@owencountycf.org

Please note:  Applications can be completed electronically or written. You can mail your application to OCCF 60 E Market St, Spencer, IN 47460 or email your completed application to maria@owencountycf.org.  

To access the application click here: Community Grants Application

In 2019 the grants committee will have four scheduled meetings through out the year, applications received by the submit date will be reviewed with the next grants meeting, otherwise the application will wait until the next possible meeting.

Lost your grant report? Click here: Grant Report

Teacher Mini Grant Program

Established in 1997 by local educators to provide teacher mini grants of $50-$250 each to enhance the classroom learning of SOCS students.

All Spencer-Owen School Corporation teachers are eligible to receive one teacher mini-grant per calendar year.  Grants are given on a first-come-first-served basis.  

Grants  can reimburse classroom expenses, project expenses and teacher education.

Access the application by clicking here: Teacher Mini-grant App

Save the template to your computer and then type in your information, save the file and print it.  Please note:  Applications cannot be completed online, it must be downloaded and then filled out.  You can have your principal sign the application and scan it to email to maria@owencountycf.org


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All grants must be approved by your Board of Directors/Governing Authority prior to submitting a grant request.

  2. You can submit multiple grants in a year.

  3. How many teacher mini grants can I submit?
    Only one teacher mini-grant will be approved each calendar year for any one teacher.

  4. Does the OCCF provide the full project amount for a teacher mini-grant request?
    Unlike the Community Grant process, the OCCF will fund 100% of the teacher mini-grant request.

  5. How long will it take to process a Community Grant Application?
    It will likely take eight to ten weeks from the date you submitted the application to complete the process. Review dates and notification dates are listed below.

  6. Is the Community Grant program in addition to the usual Grant program?No, the Community Grant program is the Grant program! The only thing that has changed is the submission deadlines. The Grants program now has open application and you can submit your Grant application when you need it!

  7. Teacher's may request payment for conference registration under the mini grant program.

  8. Teacher's may apply for a community grant and/or a teacher mini grant.