High School Scholarships

The local community scholarships for graduating seniors are paid from funds here at OCCF that carry out the specific wishes of donors who want to support and promote educational achievement. Donors may want to reward academic success, support students going to a certain school or those who choose a certain course of study, or students who meet some other specific requirement. Last year we awarded thirty-nine local scholarships to high school seniors from Owen Valley High School, Cloverdale High School, and the Indiana Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Humanities. More than half of the students that applied for scholarships were awarded at least one scholarship, so last year, a student who turned in a completed application had a 50/50 chance of receiving at least some money. One in five of those scholarship recipients received more than one scholarship

In 2016, your OCCF, thanks to our generous donors, supported 18 high school students with over $26,000 in scholarship money.

Click on this link to see a description of scholarship funds.  Please note, not all scholarships are available annually.  The application will have the scholarships available for 2020.

 The 2019-20 application period for graduating high school seniors is open November through January 10, 2020. 

Instructions are included in the application.  Please make sure you read them  prior to filling the application,  download the application and save it to your computer or flash drive. 

The application and supporting documents must be emailed on or before January 10, 2020.   No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

IMPORTANT:  Scholarship Applications that are received with all scholarships checked, will be returned as incomplete!  You must choose only the scholarships you qualify for!

Click on the button below for a brochure with a list of our scholarships

Class 2020 Scholarship Application will be available
on or before November 26, 2019.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

The post-secondary scholarships reward students who are continuing their education after high school or by welcoming students back to college or vocational school after some time away from academics. These scholarships also represent individual donor plans that range from an award for women returning to college to adults working their way through college. In 2015  the OCCF awarded eleven scholarships valued at almost $13,000 to seven students who are returning to or attending college currently.

The 2019/20 application period for Post-Secondary students is open November 26, 2019 - January 10th.  The application deadline is January 10, 2020.  Applications may be turned in at anytime on or before deadline.  Please read the instruction document prior to filling out the application and download both documents to your computer. 

The completed application and all supporting documents must turned in by Email.  Only electronic submissions will be accepted and no late applications will be accepted. 

2019/20 Scholarship Application will be available on or before November 26, 2019.

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

Since its inception, the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program has provided 4,340 scholarships; this total does not include the 143 that will be awarded this year.  Providing a total of over $372 million in tuition and book stipends.  A total 35 Owen County students have received the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship, enabling them to attend the Indiana colleges of their choice.

The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program will be inviting the top eight candidates to apply for the scholarship on July 29, 2019.

Candidates must fit this criteria…  
Criteria #1. SAT and/or ACT scores — the criteria for the LECS eligibility is a minimum SAT test score of 1160 AND a score from the essay section of the SAT and/or a minimum ACT test score of 23 AND a score from the essay section of the ACT.  These scores should be on your high school final junior transcript.

Criteria #2. Cumulative GPA — your high school transcript for freshman, sophomore, and junior year will state your grades through June 2019. To be eligible for the LECS, you must achieve a cumulative high school GPA is 3.95 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Grades received for classes taken during 2019 summer school will not be considered.