Match Made In . . .

Match made in heaven. Match of the century. Match maker, match maker make me a match. Mix ‘n Match. Boxing match. Shooting match. Grudge match. Match point. The little match girl. Perfect match. Three on a match (that one’s for my fellow oldsters). But wait! There’s more. Gift match!

How about a matching gift to your donation made to one of the general, unrestricted funds at your Owen County Community Foundation at a rate of a $2 match for every dollar you give (while matching funds still remain). How about that!

As we announced last year, Lilly Endowment Inc (LEI) has made a grant of $500,000 available to your OCCF if we can raise the matching funds. The grant offer is part of their Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow or GIFT initiative. We are still working on meeting our match so I offer this reminder that your gift can be doubled if it is for one of our unrestricted funds, those that are for the general welfare of our community and not for any specific purpose.

Your donations in any amount will be matched as long as we still have match funds available and we receive your gift before December 31, 2020. If you would like to plan a gift over a little longer time frame, we can match your future pledge of gift payments to be paid by December 31, 2022.

This is an exciting way to help build up the permanent funds here that support local charities, our schools and other educational programs, or major projects like the MYPath Trail System. We have so many positive things happening in Owen County now, it will be great to expand the funds that can help continue the momentum.

The power of unrestricted funds is in the flexibility they provide our Grants Committee and our Board of Directors in funding work to help our Owen County communities become better places to live, grow, and work. These funds are also important for the future since they aren’t limited to one particular type of grant and will allow future OCCF boards in 50 or 100 years to respond to whatever the needs of the community are then. We may have a completely different set of challenges and opportunities. Help us build a flexible and responsive OCCF for tomorrow.

Because of the importance of these flexible donations, we will also be recognizing donors at the $5,000 level and higher in our New Visionaries display that will be going up in our new office. If you aren’t interested in the recognition, your gifts still help. We’ve already received two substantial gifts anonymously.

Your gift can be made to one of our already established unrestricted funds or if you would like to, a brand new fund can be created with a gift of $5,000 or more. Your fund could be named in honor of someone important to you or as a permanent legacy for your family. The match to your founding gift would result in a $15,000 fund with your $5,000 gift and the 2 for 1 match. That fund would produce an annual grant to help Owen County in the $500 to $600 range – forever.

We are also able to accept non-cash gifts, so don’t rule out donations of stocks that have appreciated in value, land, or for those of you over 70 and a half years old, a charitable roll-over from your IRA. There are really many more options, so be sure and check in with us if you have any questions.

The generosity and foresight of Lilly Endowment Inc has helped our own foundation to grow and thrive. We now ask our community again to help us meet this match offer and help keep the dream of our founders alive.

Here are the funds to which your donation will be eligible to the match:

Bob Babbs Community Fund

Bonness Family Fund

Glenn T. Burns Fund

Community Fund

DeCoursey Family Fund

DMJ Community Fund

Eugene S. Bowen and Robert D. Bowen Fund for Owen County

Nancy McKay & Richard Wayne Lorenz Family Fund

John T. Gillaspy Memorial Fund

Harold & Lois Patterson Fund

Jack Simmerman Community Fund

MacMorran Family Fund

Harry C. & D. Gladys Miller Fund

Ooley Family Fund

Hackworthy Family Fund

Paul and Ione Fulk Community Fund

Wells Family Fund

Rogers-Pennington Fund

SCI REMC RoundUp Fund

Scully Family Fund

Smithville Telephone Co Community Fund

Tucker Family Fund


These funds produced $70,350 in grant funds for our communities last year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have even more charitable dollars to help Owen County. With all of those choices, I’m sure we can find a match for your gift.

If you would like to know more about how you can add a $2 match for every $1 you give to unrestricted funds at your OCCF, give me a call at 812-829-1725,, visit us online at, or stop by and visit us in person at our new office on the south side of the Courthouse Square, 60 E. Market Street in Spencer.

I’ll go with “a match made in heaven.”