17th Annual
SMV Realty~Jim Fulford
Golf Open

Rolling Meadows Golf Course
September 19, 2019

4120 Mt Carmel Rd, Gosport, IN 47433

This annual fundraiser is held the third Thursday every September.

Click on the photo to go to Rolling Meadows

Click on the photo to go to Rolling Meadows

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Jim Fulford and John King are pictured above.

A Note From Our CEO......

Mr. Fulford was the first executive director of your OCCF. He helped the founding board of directors and donors build a solid base from which this completely local charitable effort could grow into a $4.5 million permanent fund to help our communities become better places to live, grow, and work. 

Most of you know Mr. Fulford as a coach, teacher, friend, golfing buddy, or principal. You have heard of his work as director of the Indiana High School Athletic Association and his sacrifice as a B-17 tail-gunner in WWII. I know Mr. Fulford as a teacher – he trained me as his replacement as executive director – and as a man who cares deeply for his family, his students, and Owen County. And, I have to add, as a guy who knows a lot of funny stories and really knows how to tell them. 

We celebrate Mr. Fulford’s contributions annually because he is a living example of one your OCCF’s core values – community involvement and charitable spirit. 

Mr. Fulford’s active involvement and support of your OCCF helped spread the word among Owen County residents, current and former, that we could join together as a community to help deal with our own challenges with our own resources. Your teacher, coach, principal, and friend worked with the founders of your OCCF to provide Owen County with an opportunity to combine our treasures to create a community asset that allows us to help our neighbors through grants and scholarships and end up with a better place to live for all of us. 

The Jim Fulford Open will help your OCCF raise funds to cover our operating expenses while we build the permanent funds that provide help to the community.  Click on this link to sign up yourself or your team!

Hope to see you on the course,
Mark E. Rogers, President & CEO

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The Jim Fulford Open has been sponsored by these generous donors...

Since the begining, SMV Realty has been our Tournament Sponsor, without this donation the Fulford would not be successful.
— Mark E. Rogers

Platinum Sponsors


Owen County State Bank
201 West Morgan Street
P.O. Box 151
Spencer, IN 47460-0151
(812) 829-4811

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