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Owen County Community Foundation


Priority Areas of Need

Civic Affairs Priorities

  • Improving neighborhood quality of life

  • Encouraging preservation/education of area history

  • Improving access to timely, unbiased information on local issues and events

  • Supporting emergency preparedness

Education priorities

  • Supporting career planning and career awareness initiatives

  • Strengthening community/education/parent involvement

  • Bolstering awareness and support of high-quality early education initiatives and community involvement

  • Advancing leadership training and civics education for youth and adults

Health & Wellness

  • Meeting the needs of an aging population

  • Increasing access to healthcare, including mental, behavioral, and dental health

  • Supporting maternal, prenatal, and newborn health

  • Supporting chronic disease treatment and prevention

Human Services

  • Building organizational capacity to meet area housing and social welfare needs

  • Strengthening families and meeting needs of at-risk children

  • Addressing food security, nutrition literacy, and access to healthy foods

  • Assisting the chronically poor

Trails & Parks

  • Providing a high quality, diversified system that provides for all age and interest groups

  • Preserving and enhancing significant environmental resources

  • Promoting physical activity and community engagement

  • Preserving the health, independence, and social connections of older adults through trails and parks programs

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