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Owen County Community Foundation


Giving Toolkit | Give Now

Help your clients enhance giving while living with the following fund options:

Donor Advised Funds

A flexible, tax efficient, and personalized way to receive an immediate tax benefit and support your favorite charity or charities. Click to download the OCCF donor advised fund information sheet. 
Create a Donor Advised Fund.png

Designated Funds

Receive an immediate tax benefit when supporting your favorite charity or charities identified at the time the fund is established. Click to download the OCCF designated fund information sheet. 
Create a Designated Fund (3).png
Create a Designated Fund (2).png

Field of Interest Funds

Support a broad charitable purpose or category of interest such as the arts, education, human services, or a geographical area. Click to download the OCCF field of interest fund information sheet. 

Scholarship Funds

Support promising and deserving students by assisting them with the cost of their education. Click to download the OCCF scholarship fund information sheet. 
Create a Scholarship Fund.png
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