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Owen County Community Foundation

The work of local nonprofit organizations impacts the quality of life for everyone in Owen County. Recognizing the essential role they play in the economy and health of our community, OCCF is committed to sharing knowledge about the nonprofit sector and strengthening nonprofit organizations through grants and training.

The Owen County Community Foundation administered more than $486,000 in 2023 in community grants and contracts, primarily through nonprofit organizations. Our core programs and community impact initiatives are designed to strengthen nonprofits and solve community problems while delivering solid results and leveraging relationships.
Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

The Owen County Community Foundation's commitment to continue offering grants has been updated and strengthened.  Our community grant program will primarily focus on supporting new charitable programs to serve Owen County residents and projects requiring durable equipment and capital items that will not be replaced every year, but which are essential for organizations to carry out their charitable purposes.

Rapid Response Grant

If your non-profit organization is in need of immediate assistance, please check out our newly available Rapid Response Grant which will issue an amount of up to $1,000. There is no deadline to apply for a Rapid Response Grant. Please click on the grant application button below for further details.
Rapid Response Grant

Community Investment Grant

There are no due dates or deadlines for requesting OCCF community grants.  Applications may be submitted anytime during the year.  A Community Investment Grant application may be picked at the OCCF office or requested by calling 812-829-1725.  A link to the electronic template for the Community Investment Grant Application is below.
All designated funds for 2024 Community Investment Grants have been exhausted for this year. Check back at the beginning of next year to apply!
Community Investment Grant

Large Impact Grant 

Previously Awarded Large Impact Grant Recipient Proposal Videos
Crossroads Ranch, Inc. - Awarded $24,255 Large Impact Grant in 2022 for This is Me! program for troubled Owen County youth.
The Owen County Fair Association - Awarded $30,000 Large Impact Grant in 2023 for paving previously inaccessible sections of the Owen County Fairgrounds.
The Owen News Project - Awarded $10,000 Large Impact Grant (planning grant) in 2022 for establishment of nonprofit news for Owen County residents. 

Program Overview

The Large Impact Grant is intended for requests from $10,000 to $30,000.

The programs that are considered for support are those located in Owen County or will directly benefit the citizens of Owen County. Currently we will consider grand awards in five broad areas. Get more detail here: Priority Areas

  1. Civic Affairs

  2. Education

  3. Health & Wellness

  4. Human Services

  5. Trails & Parks

However, we also welcome good ideas emerging from the community. In these five funding areas, OCCF is interested in working with organizations and associations to build on community strengths and find solutions to community problems. Please contact Janet Rummel at 812-812-1725 if you have questions about whether your idea fits within our funding areas.

Our goal is to support innovative, collaborative, and transformative projects that support the goals and strategies of the priority areas. Funded projects are also intended to show sustainability over time, as well as leveraging existing community resources.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding, an applicant must:

  1. Be a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Code) or a public entity described in Sections 170 and 2055 of the Code, such as school districts and municipalities. Organizations that derive their tax-exempt status from formal affiliation with another organization may be considered.

  2. Provide services within Owen County, Indiana. In certain cases, proposals from organizations serving the larger Indiana Uplands Region may be considered, as long as Owen County residents are served too.

  3. Be organized and operated so that there is no illegal discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or disability.

Application Process

  • Submit Your Intent To Apply Video:  March 8, 2024  You will be notified by March 15, 2024, regarding whether your organization is invited to submit a grant proposal. Click here for Intent to Apply Video guidelines. 

  • If Invited, Submit Your Full Application:  April 15, 2024  You will be notified by April 26, 2024, regarding whether your organization is invited to make a short presentation to the OCCF Grants Committee. 

  • If Invited, Present To Our Committee:  May 4, 2024 You will be notified by May 22, 2024, regarding whether your organization will be awarded the 2024 Large Impact Grant.


Other Guidelines

  • Proposal funding requests must be for the same amount requested in your Intent to Apply, unless pre-approved by OCCF.

  • Any one organization may submit up to two (2) Intent to Apply videos.

  • OCCF will offer the opportunity for multi-year support with consecutive year support requests contingent upon prior year outcomes Please contact Janet Rummel at 812-829-1725 with multi-year requests prior to submitting your Intent to Apply video.

  • All grants must be closed out within one year of the receipt of funds, with the exception of multi-year grants.

  • OCCF will consider supporting programming or capital expenses up to 10% of the grant amount for indirect costs.

  • OCCF reserves the right to pay grants in a single installment or in increments at its sole discretion.

  • OCCF requires that all successful applicants obtain three bids for any equipment purchase of $10,000 and above.

  • OCCF reserves the right to conduct an independent evaluation of grant expenditures for up to four years. The grantee agrees to provide the information necessary to complete such an evaluation. Failure to submit requested information in a timely fashion may obligate the grantee to refund the grant.

  • The use of grant funds for purposes not pre-approved by OCCF or not supported through required documentation will result in a requirement that those grant funds be returned to the Community Foundation.

  • The failure of an applicant to properly close out a grant in a timely manner will be a factor in considering new grant requests.

  • OCCF will not consider competitive funding for:

    • Higher education scholarships

    • Projects outside of Owen County

    • Religious purposes

    • Attendance at or sponsorship of fundraising events for organizations

    • Field trips, unless they are part of a long-term program or curriculum

    • Annual events or festivals

    • Any partisan political activity

    • Projects and activities that have already occurred

Large Impact Grant
2022 LIG Proposal Videos

Food Pantry Assistance Grant

The Freeman Charitable Food Fund has granted over $205,000 to Owen County Food Pantries since it was created in 2006. Grants awarded by this fund provide assistance for Emergency Food and Shelter programs to purchase food supplies for Owen County residents. In 2024 the Owen County Community Foundation will grant $18,899 to local food pantries. Decisions are based on the population served and other considerations.

Teacher Mini-Grants

All 2024 Teacher Mini-Grant funding has been granted to local educators. Please check back in 2025
Established in 1997 by local educators to provide teacher mini grants of $50-$300 each to enhance the classroom learning of SOCS students. All Spencer-Owen School Corporation teachers are eligible to receive one teacher mini-grant per calendar year.  

Grants are given on a first-come-first-served basis. Teachers can also combine grants with other teachers to get one big project complete. These grants are through the Owen County Education Fund, created and funded by teachers for teachers. Access the application by clicking below. The application must be signed by the principal.

Nonprofit Scholarships

A collaborative effort between The Owen County Chamber of Commerce and Owen County Community Foundation, Inc. 
Apply for a Chamber Scholarship to become a member of the Owen County Chamber of Commerce. To qualify for this Scholarship the Nonprofit Organization applying must have been established prior to December 1, 2019, and must provide proof of establishment such as: Tax Documents, Bank Statements, Insurance Policy, etc.

Cancer Support Fund for Owen County

Zach Tucker.jpg

Gib and Phyllis Tucker established this fund in 2007 as a special way to celebrate the short but full life of their grandson, Zachary Tucker.


The fund provides support for qualified families with children, in which one of the immediate family members is battling cancer, by providing grants to minimize the financial hardship that is directly attributable to the cancer diagnosis.

In memory of Zachary Tucker


Our staff are available to provide direct assistance.


Karah Bobeck
Director of Programs
& Communications

(812) 829-1725

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