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District-wide Pre-K for S-OCS

In March, the OCCF provided S-OCS with a grant for $35,479 to purchase a new bus for Pre-K students, which the district needed to move forward for the implementation of district-wide Pre-K. Additionally, the OCCF entered an agreement to pledge up to $24,000 for Owen County families, who meet certain criteria, to receive funds to offset costs related to pre-school. Since April, the Foundation has provided nearly $111,000 in Pre-K scholarships to S-OCS and Cloverdale Community Schools.

"This agreement would provide the opportunity for families in the district to receive funds to help offset costs related to pre-school upon meeting the required eligibility stipulations. The grant total could amount up to $24,000. Thank you to the Foundation for their willingness to serve the community," says Spencer-Owen Community Schools Superintendent, Andy Cline.

Program Details:

The agreement outlines the eligibility for student grants. The students must be at least four-years-old, meet the income guidelines of the free and reduced lunch program, live in Owen County and must attend the Pre-K program at least four days per week. The agreement also outlines the data points that the community foundation needs annually. This data is mainly in student growth and looks at the impact Pre-K has on the students through grade 3.

-Spencer-Owen Community Schools

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