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OCCF Aids in Tornado Recovery Efforts

Our Owen County communities have been fortunate to not withstand a natural disaster as widespread as the March 31, 2023 EF-3 tornado since the flood of ’08. Despite the lapse in time, OCCF was ready to spring into action to help those in need. In the wake of the ‘08 flood, community agencies came together to create a Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) coalition. COAD serves to preserve the knowledge gained from past disaster recovery efforts to better serve our communities if and when the next local disaster occurs. COAD immediately stepped into action, surveying the damage and assisting officials, while the OCCF worked to pool donations and administer grants for those in need.

The Spencer Exchange Club immediately stepped in with a $5,000 to help their fellow residents, and not long after, Boston Scientific offered a one-to-one match opportunity for each dollar donated to the cause by a Boston Scientific employee.

In addition to multiple homes and McCormick’s Creek State Park withstanding damage, Riverside Cemetery, which was struck especially hard, experienced severe destruction to the cemetery grounds and grave sites. Utilizing OCCF’s fundraising platform, the cemetery was able to recover the majority of the unexpected expenses caused by the storm damage.

Janet Rummel, President & CEO of the Foundation remarked, “It never fails to amaze me how apt Owen County residents are to step up and help a neighbor in need in a time of crisis. It’s truly inspiring!”

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