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OCPL Pavilion Finishes Construction

Over the past several years, the Owen County Public Library has brainstormed different means for hosting large-scale community events and gatherings. After careful deliberation, they settled on the concept of an outdoor pavilion as the optimal solution.

Pooling resources for this project was a collective endeavor, with the Owen County Community Foundation playing a pivotal role. The Foundation was happy to contribute $25,000 toward the construction of the pavilion, in addition to generous donations made by The Friends of the Owen County Public Library, Hoosier Energy, Farm Bureau, the Farmer’s Market, Insurance Services, as well as various community stewards and local individuals. The pavilion is truly a testament to the collaborative and gracious nature of our Owen County communities, as it is a project built by the community for the community.

This outdoor structure boasts an array of amenities, including a poured concrete floor, WiFi connectivity, security cameras, and lighting. While the current setup incorporates many features, there are hopes to enhance it in the near future by adding a stage, low wall, comfortable seating arrangements, and decorative stonework around the perimeter.

Currently, the library utilizes the pavilion for various programs, such as weekly morning Tai Chi classes; however, the space is adaptable, designed to accommodate a multitude of purposes. This resource is available for the general public to book to host their events, gatherings, or celebrations. Just as one would reserve indoor rooms within the library, individuals or groups seeking to utilize the pavilion will need to make a reservation to secure its use.

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