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General Questions About Scholarships:

  • Am I eligible to apply?

OCCF scholarships are available to all Owen County residents. Most are  available to graduating seniors, but students pursuing a postsecondary education at a college or vocational/technical school are also eligible for certain scholarships. Your high school, residence, etc. may prevent you from meeting certain criteria. Students can reapply each year they attend a higher-level institution.

  • How can I apply for a scholarship?​​

All applications are submitted electronically; no paper submissions are accepted. 

Students must create an account in our scholarship portal. If you have previously created an account, you can use the “forgot password” link to reset your password. Once you have entered your account, click Apply to reach the Apply page, which lists the available scholarship opportunities and details about each. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

  • When are scholarship available to apply?​​

Applications generally open before winter break. The deadline is before January 31. Dates are subject to change annually; verify these dates on our website each cycle.

  • Can I start an application and finish it later?​​

Yes; however, we recommend that you keep your answers pasted on a separate document or on a hard drive in case something is lost. Please review our Scholarship Guidebook’s section “Filling Out Your Application” to see materials you will need.

  • Who reviews applications and awards scholarships?​​

Scholarships are evaluated and ranked by an impartial committee whose members are chosen from our Board of Directors and community members. Some committees include donor advisors.

  • May I receive multiple scholarship awards?​​

Only our largest scholarship awards limit receiving multiple awards. Many recipients receive multiple awards.

  • When are recipients announced?​​

Recipients will receive an email at the end of March inviting them to the annual OCCF Scholarship Celebration Program. This takes place at the end of April and provides you a chance to meet with your scholarship donor/fund advisor, scholarship committee, and OCCF Board and Staff.

  • What happens after I am awarded a scholarship?​​

At the Scholarship Celebration Program, you will be presented with a scholarship packet that includes all the information you need to claim your scholarship. This process is done through our online portal. You will need to provide the college you will be attending, your student ID, major, photo, and a thank you note to the donor or fund representative (covers all, including the OCCF) of your scholarship(s). Please call 812-829-1725 or e-mail if you need further assistance.

  • Where can I go to school?​​

Most OCCF scholarships are for students attending an accredited college, university, or trades program anywhere in the United States unless otherwise noted in the scholarship description. Some scholarships are designated for students attending a specific Indiana institution. If this is the case, it will be listed in the scholarship criteria.

  • When and how will my scholarship be paid?​​

Once awarded, you will be notified by OCCF and provided further information about scholarship payment. Recipients must submit their scholarship acceptance agreements through the link provided by OCCF before awards can be paid. Checks are sent directly to the recipient’s school by August, provided students have submitted the required paperwork.

  • Do I need to renew my scholarship? How?​​

If you have a renewable scholarship or a multi-year scholarship, you will “renew” your scholarship annually by letting us know your intent using our scholarship portal by March each year.  You will then be assigned follow-up forms due each year by August 15th.  If you no longer qualify or need the scholarship you can request a form to un-enroll.

  • How else can I prepare to pay for college?​​

All students should file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application determines students’ eligibility for financial aid. After filing the FAFSA, a college can tell students which additional scholarships and grants they can receive as well as how much money students can borrow in federal loans.


You can find additional resources on our website here.


Our staff are available to provide direct assistance.


Karah Bobeck
Director of Programs
& Communications

(812) 829-1725

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