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Investing in Owen County


Empower the Young Minds of Owen County

The Owen County Community Foundation's scholarship program began with just three scholarships and has now transformed to provide local students with over 70 available scholarships options and nearly $130,000 in available funds annually.

Although scholarships are a big part of the OCCF's community impact on our student populations, this is not all that our organization provides to help connect donors with the important educational causes that they care about. 

Start Your Own Scholarship Fund

Your dream of starting your own scholarship fund can be done with ease through the Owen County Community Foundation. Whether you are looking to support educational opportunities and college attainment in Owen County, honor or memorialize a loved one or establish a family legacy of giving, we are here to help. We make giving easy and effective and can establish your scholarship fund in six simple steps:

1. Choose Who to Support

Are you interested in helping support a future educator? Or, maybe you have a passion for supporting students who plan to pursue a career in the trades after high school? The first step in setting up a scholarship fund is identifying the students you want to support. 

2. Choose What to Give

You can give cash, stocks, property, bequests and or a variety of other assets. Due to our years of combined experience, we are able to handle the most complex transactions and turn unusual gifts into  success story. 

3. Define Your Scholarship's Timeline

You get to decide if you wish for your scholarship to be renewable throughout the recipient's college career or if you would prefer to have your scholarship support the student only during their first year of postsecondary studies. 

4. Choose Your Eligibility Requirements

The staff at the OCCF will assist you with establishing your scholarship's eligibility requirements and criteria that reflect your passions and priorities. We use our experience and expertise to identify the best criteria to attract the most qualified applicants for your scholarship.

5. Name Your Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funds can be created to honor or memorialize someone special, to honor the passions of an individual, or on behalf of a business or organization. Whatever the reason, your scholarship will carry the name you choose. If you prefer anonymity through a community foundation, you can choose a name that reflects your charitable purpose(s).

6. Create a Selection Process

If you want to be involved each with with choosing your recipient, you may opt to establish a donor-advised scholarship fund. If you wish to take a more hands off approach, our scholarship selection committees can put their years of experience to work for you.

Donate to an Existing Fund

The Owen County Community Foundation manages more than 70 scholarship funds. Take a look at our fund menu by clicking on the button below. For scholarship funds - scroll halfway down the page. 

Funds Supporting Education

Owen County Education Fund

This fund exists to provide Teacher Mini-Grants to Owen County educators. The Teacher Mini-Grant program began in 1997 and allows educators the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $300 to be put towards enhanced classroom learning of SOCS students.  

OCCF Support Our Schools (SOS) Fund

The OCCF's Support Our Schools (SOS) Fund was originally established as the holding fund for the Owen County Learning Network. Although that program no longer exists, this fund continues to help both adult and youth learners in our communities. Some notable grants from this fund include the purchase of a new bus for the S-OCS district-wide Pre-K program, adult education programs, and the Owen Valley Middle School Makerspace project. 


Our staff are available to provide direct assistance.
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Janet Rummel
President & CEO

(812) 829-1725

(765) 481-8798


Karah Bobeck
Director of Programs
& Communications

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