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Owen County Community Foundation


Because philanthropy is many things—a boost for individuals in time of need, a catalyst for change, a spark for social innovation, and a lever for reform—the Owen County Community Foundation is many things. Among them, OCCF is a resource, a partner, a funder, an advocate. At the heart of everything we do at OCCF is a commitment to deliver meaningful impact that will benefit Owen County. Here's how:

We make charitable investments more effective
We know where opportunities and needs exist in the county and work with clients to shape their strategies, connect them with community leaders, and design grants and programs that will achieve the maximum benefit.

We provide cost effective services and administration for charitable giving
Our experience ensuring federal and state compliance eases administrative burdens for OCCF clients and our scale enables us to handle their front and back office administration at a reasonable cost.

We convene community members and leaders around key issues facing our community
By bringing together philanthropic partners with nonprofit, community, business and government leaders, we play a pivotal role in leveraging social investments to solve critical issues facing Owen County.


We create and manage grantmaking to achieve broad impact
We work with funders  to maximize the impact of grants and support large-scale initiatives such as advancing the nonprofit sector and providing post-secondary education in Owen County.

We are the recognized resource on nonprofits and philanthropy
As the “go-to” place to learn about nonprofit agencies, charitable giving, and community issues, we track industry trends, commission studies, organize workshops and conferences, and disseminate information to the community.


We build and share knowledge that will raise the level and effectiveness of philanthropy and positively influence social change
By virtue of the knowledge and partnerships gained over nearly a century of experience, we have developed better and more effective ways to work and get results. We want to help others do the same.

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