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Strengthening Owen County Communities


Notable Partnerships

Gosport History Museum

Historic Tivoli Theatre

Owen County Art Guild

Owen County Heritage & Culture Center

Owen County Preservations

Vandalia Community Preservation Association

OCCF Supports Arts & Culture

2021 Grantees

  • Gosport History Museum: Designated grant from the Gosport History Museum Fund

  • Owen County Art Guild: Interior building repair and restoration

  • Owen County Heritage & Culture Center: Historic restoration of steps

  • Owen County Heritage & Culture Center: Support of operations

  • Owen County Heritage & Culture Center: Beautification and building repairs

  • Owen County Preservations, Inc.: Designated grant from the Owen County Preservations Fund

  • Owen County Preservations, Inc.: Butter machine replacement for the Historic Tivoli Theatre


  • Owen Valley Band & Guard Boosters: Equipment purchase

  • Owen Valley Choir Boosters: Scholarships and purchase of equipment

  • Historic Tivoli Theatre: Designated grant from the Tivoli Theatre Endowment Fund

  • Vandalia Community Preservation Association: Designated grant from the Flona Everly Query Fund

Past and Present Grant Stories


Preserving Owen County

The Owen County Community Foundation has worked in tandem with multiple non-profits dedicated to preserving Owen County's rich culture and history. Partnerships include, but are not limited to the following groups: Gosport History Museum, Owen County Heritage & Cultural Center, Vandalia Community Preservation Association, Owen County Art Guild, and Owen County Preservations, Inc. 


The Flona Everly Query Fund was established in 2008 for the purpose of preserving the historic Vandalia Historical Chapel and the Vandalia Schoolhouse. As a designated purpose fund, the Flona Everly Query Fund has paid out nearly $15,000 to protect these important structures. Such renovations, performed by the Vandalia Community Preservation Association include restoring the bell tower, replacing the front steps, and repainting.

Source: Vandalia Community Preservation Association

The Owen County Community Foundation continues to support the great work of the Owen County Preservations, Inc. group who's most notable project was overseeing the restoration of the Historic Tivoli Theater to it's former grandeur. This project took several years to complete and was funded by the Cook Medical Group. The Tivoli Theater Endowment Fund issues an annual designated grant to ensure that important landmark continues to operate long into the future. 

Historic Tivoli Theater Before - Source: Business Wire


Historic Tivoli Theater After - Source: Business Wire


The Owen County Heritage & Culture Center and the Gosport History Museum have received several grants over the years that have aided in museum expansion, remodeling, and support of operations. 

Owen County Heritage & Culture Center - Source: OCHC Website

Gosport History Museum

Presenting a grant for beautification to the Board of Directors at the

Owen County Heritage & Cultural Center

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