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Strengthening Owen County Communities


Notable Partnerships

Cloverdale Community Schools

Lilly Endowment Inc

Owen County Adult Education

Owen County Fair Association

Owen County Learning Network

Owen County Public Library

Owen Valley FFA

Owen Valley Jr. Air Force ROTC

On My Way Pre-K

Spencer-Owen Community Schools

Teacher's Warehouse

Weekday Religious Education

OCCF Supports Education

2021 Grantees

  • Patriot Manufacturing Summer
    Work: Payton Barger, Caleb
    Bixler, Jasmine Brewer, Ryan
    Cowden, Eric Crouch, Matthew
    Crum, Kaleb Dill, Kyndall
    Drake, Iain Duncan, Graciawna
    England, Camie Forston, Haley
    Frank, Tina Hayden, Andrew
    Heaton, Lola James, Elizabeth
    Johnson, Madison Kay, Cooper
    King, Presley McPhee, Aubrie
    Miller, Kristen Portteus,
    Kristen Richardson, Hannah
    Riggs, Rhonda Schafer, Robert

  • Elizabeth Conway: Teacher Mini-
    Grant - Equipment purchase

  • Shonda Klinger: Teacher Mini-
    Grant - Equipment purchase

  • Neil Klodzen: Teacher Mini-Grant
    - Into the Wild books

  • Robin Lane: Teacher Mini-Grant -
    iPad for preschoolers

  • Amy Lanham: Teacher Mini-Grant
    - Book club

  • Korri Martin: Teacher Mini-Grant
    - Digital art tablets

  • Beth Nairn: Teacher Mini-Grant -
    Breakfast with Opie

  • On My Way Pre-K Support Program: Support from donor-advised grant

  • Owen County 4-H Council: Designated grant from the Lloyd H & Rosalie Lucas 4-H &FFA Fund

  • Owen County Adult Education:
    Job skills training with maker

  • Owen County Fair Association:
    Designated grant from Owen
    County 4-H Livestock Fund

  • Owen County Head Start:
    Scholarship for Chamber of
    Commerce membership

  • Owen County Public Library:
    Designated grant from Jack R.
    DeFord Library Fund

  • Owen County Public Library:
    Adult Education Program

  • Owen Valley FFA: Designated
    grant from the Lloyd H &
    Rosalie Lucas 4-H & FFA Fund

  • Owen Valley High School:
    Teacher Mini-Grant - Patriot
    Expo Teacher Appreciation

  • Owen Valley Jr. Air Force ROTC: Designated grant from the Owen Valley Jr ROTC Fund

  • Owen Valley Jr. Air Force ROTC:
    Year-end programs & awards


  • Owen Valley Middle School:
    Curriculum building

  • Owen Valley Middle School:
    Maker space summer training

  • Owen Valley Middle School:
    Equipment purchase

  • Owen Valley Middle School
    Maker Space Program:

    Equipment purchase

  • Owen Valley Middle School
    Maker Space Program: Maker
    space start-up

  • Peggy Schrougham: Teacher
    Mini-Grant - Small group

  • Spencer - Owen Community
    Schools: 2020-21 Preschool
    scholarship program

  • Spencer Elementary School:
    Teacher Mini-Grant - Heggerty
    decodable book sets

  • Spencer Elementary School:
    Teacher Mini-Grant - Rocket

  • Judy Tucker: Teacher Mini-Grant
    - Science in Action

  • Emily Vladoiu: Teacher Mini
    Grant - Sensory equipment

Past and Present Grant Stories


District-wide Pre-K  for S-OCS

$35,479 Grant from OCCF to Purchase New Pre-K Bus in 2022

"This agreement would provide the opportunity for families in the district to receive funds to help offset costs related to pre-school upon meeting the required eligibility stipulations. The grant total could amount up to $24,000. Thank you to the Foundation for their willingness to serve the community."

- Spencer-Owen Community Schools Superintendent, Andy Cline

Screenshot 2022-03-28 145051.png

Program Details:

The agreement outlines the eligibility for student grants. The students must be at least four-years-old, meet the income guidelines of the free and reduced lunch program, live in Owen County and must attend the Pre-K program at least four days per week. The agreement also outlines the data points that the community foundation needs annually. This data is mainly in student growth and looks at the impact Pre-K has on the students through grade 3. 

- Spencer-Owen Community Schools

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