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Owen County Community Foundation


Instructions for Large Impact Grant Intent to Apply Video

Due by March 8, 2024

The Intent to Apply Video involves the electronic submission (no paper or emailed submissions will be accepted) of a video that describes your organization’s project. This will allow the Community Foundation to determine if the project merits further consideration of available resources within the OCCF funding Priority Areas.

Video Length: 3 to 5 minutes (videos longer than 5 minutes may not be accepted)

File Size: 1 GB file size maximum

You can shoot the video on your phone and upload it directly from your phone using the link below, or you can transfer the video to your computer and upload it from there using the same link.

What to include in your Intent to Apply video:

  1. Organization name(s)​​*

  • Note: For the Large Impact Grant, we encourage partnerships between organizations; be sure to identify all partnerships. Representatives from each organization are encouraged to participate in the video, although this is not mandatory.

   2. Amount of grant funds requested; include other funding sources if applicable.

   3. Program name

   4. Program purpose

   5. Community need addressed by the program

   6. What are the program’s outcomes?

   7. Who is the target audience for your program?

   8. How many people will your program serve?

   9. Is this a new program? Expansion of a current program?

   10. How long will the program or project last?

   11. How will the program be sustainable?

   12. Be creative and tell a compelling story. You may wish to include onsite video or interviews (with             participant permission).

What you will need:

  1. Google account (if you have a Gmail account, then you already have a Google account); sign up for a free Google account HERE if needed.

  2. Links to Submission Forms. When you are ready, please call our office at 812-829-1725. Give us your Gmail address, and we will send you a link to the 2 forms.

  3. IRS nonprofit determination letter (for all organizations if this is a collaboration)

  4. Current year operating budget (for all organizations if this is a collaboration)

  5. Year to date balance sheet (for all organizations if this is a collaboration)

Submission Forms:

See #2 above. When you are ready, contact our office and provide your Gmail address. We will email you links to these forms.

  1. Organizational Information & Document Upload (It is recommended that you do this on a computer.)

  2. Intent to Apply Video Upload (You can do this on a computer or phone)

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