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Owen County Community Foundation


OCCF Financials


The Owen County Community Foundation's capacity to serve the community is tied directly to its ability to preserve and enhance the financial assets that it stewards.

OCCF has established a relationship with Capital Cities, LLC, based out of Indianapolis, for the management of its corporate fund assets. As stewards of these assets, the investing is guided by prudent policies that have a long-term and perpetual time horizon, protect principal, and provide for a reasonable investment return and growth.

OCCF's primary sources of operating revenue come from:

  • A one-time and/or administrative fees on donor gifts

  • Annual operating campaigns and events

OCCF Financial Information

OCCF EIN 35-1934464

National Standards

Your Owen County Community Foundation has been awarded a Certificate of Standards Compliance with the Ethical and Operational Standards for Indiana Community Foundation. Significant work by both staff and the board of directors went into the process of gaining "recertification" for our Foundation. We received our original certificate in 2007 but the certification must be renewed every five years.

"Developed in the spirit of accountability, transparency, and continuous self-improvement, the standards are philanthropy's most rigorous standards- evidence that community foundations seek excellence for their communities and donors," according to the National Association of Council on Foundations.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of public accountability in our operations. The certification demonstrates we adhere to a standard of ethical behavior that assures donors, volunteers, and clients that their best interests are being served. 
Standards serve as both a blueprint for internal organizational development and a tangible set of benchmarks for external demonstration of operational excellence in six key areas:

 Mission, structure and governance

  • Stewardship and accountability

  • Donor Relations

  • Resource development

  • Grant-making and community leadership

  • Communications

National Standards



Governance Documents

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