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Investing in Owen County


Make a lasting impact with your giving

As your partner in philanthropy, the Owen County Community Foundation makes it easy to realize your giving goals through a charitable fund. A simple fund agreement and an initial tax-deductible gift are all you need to create your personal giving vehicle. Our team of philanthropic advisors can discuss with you the benefits of the various types of funds and answer any questions you may have. You have up to two years to reach the required endowment level: $25,000 for scholarship funds and $5,000 for all other fund types. 

Types of Funds:

Create a Community Good Fund (Unrestricted Fund)

These funds allow your OCCF the flexibility to address your community’s ever-changing needs through strategic grantmaking, year after year. When possible, funds are used to facilitate innovative responses to community opportunities and challenges. Rather than designating how the money will be spent, you allow the Owen County Community Foundation to determine the most effective ways to seize our community’s most compelling opportunities or respond to the most pressing needs. A gift to establish an unrestricted fund must exceed $5,000.


Create a Field of Interest Fund


A field-of-interest fund gives you the opportunity to target your contribution to the fields most important to you. Whether you are interested in education, youth, healthcare, the arts, impacting a particular geographic area, or some other area of impact, these funds are broad in scope, yet targeted to meet the persistent needs of the field. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will use their expertise to identify, evaluate, and award grants to the most qualified and deserving organizations and programs in your area(s) of interest. A gift to establish a field-of-interest fund must exceed $5,000.

Create a Donor-Advised Fund


A donor advised fund at the OCCF is a philanthropic vehicle that is simple to create, convenient to manage, and flexible enough to offer you as much hands-on involvement as you would like. A gift to establish an agency or designated fund must exceed $5,000.

Create a Designated Fund

Designated funds allow you to direct your gift to a specific agency or purpose. Almost any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization may be designated to receive support for its mission. You identify the recipient(s) you wish to benefit through your gift and our staff manages the annual distribution of funds from the endowment. A gift to establish an agency or designated fund must exceed $5,000.

Create a Scholarship Fund


A scholarship fund lets you help deserving students further their education. The Owen County Community Foundation has the ability to help you determine a level of education from preschool to postgraduate work, a field of study, and eligibility requirements. A gift to establish a scholarship must exceed $25,000.

Interested in starting your own fund?

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President & CEO

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